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Beebeejump INT'L LTD is a leading solar power company in Nigeria. It is  headquartered in  Otunba Jobi Fele way, Ikeja, Nigeria, and has a sales and after-sales team of more than 200 in it headquater alone. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in new energy technology research, product development, production and sales. It is a leading solar product manufacturer and intelligent technology leader in the solar power industry, and it is also an Expert in distributed off-grid photovoltaic system solutions.

We have not only the world's top digital control, light power generation and other areas of technical experts for technical research and development, but also the industry's experienced product team from the needs of users,which creating more user-friendly products and services. There are more high-quality management personnel, such an excellent team formed, efficient management, perfect network, close cooperation, new ideas.All of these are what  Beebeejump solar has provided users with "Easy life with electricity".

Easy to buy, easy to pay, easy to install,easy to use,easy to after-sale! 

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