Beebeejump is a leader in solar power generation technology at home and abroad, and it is also Expert in distributed off-grid photovoltaic system solutions. It has an important market position in Nigeria and even Africa. Our pay-as-you-go model will enable customers to pay for beebeejup products in installments in a short period of time.

We are always looking for potential partners. If you are optimistic about this opportunity, we look forward to communicating with you to make Beebeejump your business. If you like us, please contact us.

Why choose us

We have competitive products in the industry

Beebeejump products have high industry standards in terms of quality, durability, economy and user experience. Easy to buy, easy to pay, easy to install, easy to use, easy to after-sale! This can be seen in the testimony of many agents and customers.

We have advanced technology, systematic solutions, and successful business models. If you agree with our philosophy and love this industry, please join us to provide power solutions for users who expect to get better power.

World-class customer service

Our quality assurance,supply chain and operations teams are fully committed to providing the most reliable customer support to our business and our customers.

Local service

We don't just sell products,we are here to help you,whether through customized logistice support,local on-site training,provision of branding and marketing materials and reliable after-sales service,we will ensure that you enjoy the best service ever.

Innovation is our mission

Our research and design teams have been working hard to transform technology,supply chain and design to make sure that our products have the highest performance at the most affordable price,making beebeejump the preferred choice in the market.