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The environmental impacts of solar power system

2021-03-12 21:50:58 admin 130

Solar power systems have positively impacted the environment. The extent of the impact will only be quantified if we have a good understanding of how the environment was and what is the major cause of pollution in the environment. The increased heat causes discomfort in the household and impend business operation in the cooperate world. The sun is the primary source of energy for the solar power system, the 50% of energy from the sun is absorbed on the earth’s surface while the remaining 50% is sent back to the troposphere again. This energy is in the form of photons the energy packets containing the heat and light of the sun. Solar energy is really helpful for human beings and plants in order to grow. However, too much of this heat can also create serious threats to human health and result in climate changes. The negative effect of heat on earth is known as the greenhouse effect.


The Reason of Greenhouse Effect
The one major reason for the greenhouse effect is the presence of harmful gases in the air like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, and water vapors. The huge quantities of carbon dioxide can be greatly contributed to the activities of human beings. For example the unbalanced industrial units, artificial heating and cooling equipments cutting of trees, immense deforestation and homes and businesses running primarily on generators. The amount of carbon dioxide is even more than the amount of oxygen in the air which is essential for the survival of mankind. Over the period of 10 years, the amount of carbon dioxide is increasing at the rate of 30% every year. This presence of carbon dioxide and other gases block the heat in the earth’s atmosphere which results in the change in climate and global warming. The burning of fossils like gas and oil in the factories and in the engines emit many harmful gases in the air which is the cause of greenhouse at large.


Green House Effects
The greenhouse method was used to grow plants in an environment that can allow the light of the sun to enter in day and trap the heat of the sun for the survival of the plant. Our planet earth is also like a nursery that is dependent on the sun for its growth and survival. However, the widespread pollution has disturbed the eco-system and we are left with the negative effects of greenhouse. We are surrounded by the layer of oxygen which is known as ozone. It is this layer that protects us from the harmful rays of the sun. The ultraviolet radiation from the sun can destroy human skin and can cause skin cancer. The radiation of the sun is reflected back into the atmosphere. However, the presence of carbon dioxide blocks some of the radiations to escape thus we suffer global warming and changes in climate.


The Major Gases of the Green House and Effects of greenhouse gases
The presences of greenhouse gases at large either absorb or emit the radiation within the thermal infrared array. These gases contain carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, water vapors, ozone, and chloroform carbons. It is the presence of these gases which allow the heat of the sun to enter and escape the earth’s atmosphere. The contribution of water vapors in the total greenhouse effect is 36% to 72%. The contribution of carbon dioxide is 9 to 26%. Methane is present in the quantity ranging from 4 to 9%. Last but not least ozone is present in the percentage from 3 to 7%. The heat emission and absorption capacity of different gases are different. The presence of water vapors in the form of clouds has a more than 60% role in the greenhouse effect. The presence of water vapors as clouds surround the earth and blocks the escape of heat. Industrial activities have disturbed the balance of greenhouse gases and the combination of other harmful gases has increased the amount of heat in the earth’s atmosphere and hence we are left with the problems of global warming and pollution.


Solar power systems has reduced the greenhouse effect

Solar power uses the sun to generate electricity, unlike fossil fuels source that leaves footprints of Co2 a greenhouse gas, in its path. In addition to the air pollution that leads to increase heat in the surrounding, noise from the fossil fuel source like generator, national grid. The solar power source does not give out any form of pollution. Thereby,  it is a guaranteed clean energy.