Distributed photovoltaic off-grid solution.

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Distributed photovoltaic off-grid solution

Good reasons for having a solar system in your home or company:

solar power company in Nigeria- Reduce electricity costs: Self-produced solar energy is about 50% cheaper than grid power generation. As a home user, the more you consume, the more you save. As a company, the lower your energy costs, the higher your profits.

- Planning and cost protection: In the long run, your electricity price will remain low and stable.

- Improve your independence: The photovoltaic system makes you more independent of conventional power. In the event of a power failure, the storage system can provide you with security protection.

- Avoid noise and environmental pollution: The photovoltaic system allows you to avoid pollution due to noise, smoke, odor, etc., bringing more pleasure to your life and work.

Beebeejump is committed to providing reliable solar systems for homes and companies, providing multiple product configurations suitable for various needs of different families.

The product configuration is as follows:

DC power solution

Provides basic lighting and power supply for DC electronic equipment, can solve household lighting, listening to radio, mobile phone charging, blowing fan, can also supply power for DSTV and low-power DCTV, to meet the basic power needs of households.

solar power company in Nigeria

DC/AC Hybrid Power Solution

Provides lighting and power supply for DC electronic equipment, and can also supply power for low-power AC electronic equipment, which can solve household lighting, mobile phone charging, fan blowing, TV watching, small audio systems, etc. It can also be used as a company backup power supply to solve the power needs of laptop computers, routers, monitoring equipment, etc., to meet the basic lighting, entertainment, and office needs of homes and companies.

solar power company in Nigeria

High-power Home Power Solution

 Providing a full range of solar power supply solutions, providing corresponding product configuration solutions according to the user's power demand,In addition to meeting the basic lighting and entertainment needs, it can also meet the power needs of high-power appliances such as Freezer, AC, printer, water pump and ect. 

solar power company in Nigeria

Beebeejump products provide installation and quality assurance,  choose Beebeejump solar system solution, protect your home and company's power needs, with the quality solar system from solar company in Nigeria. Easy life with electricity!