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How to upgrade your solar system

2021-02-08 17:42:32 admin 419

A few years ago the big question was “Is going solar affordable for businesses”. The part of disconnecting from the national grid and going solar totally was a great concern for businesses. But the growth of solar power in recent years has brought the costs down so far that solar is now considered a major contender in the energy world. The crux of the discussion is, solar is now cheaper than it has ever been, and as the market grows it will only get cheaper. The question is, is it already cheap enough? Could 2021 be the year your business 'goes solar'?. If you have not started using solar know that the power source of solar energy is free


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The sun don't cost a thing

OK, so solar power isn't free yet, but the price has fallen dramatically. The price of solar in Nigeria has fallen from $76.67 per watt in 1977 to 74 cents today. The cost of installing solar panels has also dropped. Of course, as interesting and laudable as progress on the infrastructural front is, that doesn't necessarily mean that you get a solar system especially for your business and it does what you want even with an increase in load I.e appliances that you want to power.


Upgrade your solar system

Solar systems are designed based on what they can power not like a national grid that you can increase appliances you use on it any time you want. The solar systems are carefully calibrated and metered it will power what was designed for it. Nevertheless, it is a flexible system that allows for upgrading. The three basic components of a solar system is the solar panel, inverter, battery for backup. A solar system can be upgraded by increasing the solar panel, thus means more power will be gotten from the sun. When upgrading also, the battery can be increased to allow for more power storage.

Beebeejump int’l limited as a case study;

Beebeejump solar offers H-series products for business purposes. It comes in levels H1 to H5. The H1 is a 2.5kw capacity that can power 10 LED bulbs, 4 Floor fans, 1 TV+Decoder (DVD), 1 Fridge (Freezer) or washing machine,1 Water pump, 1 Electric iron, Laptops, 1 Home theater. To use more appliances for businesses, you can increase the capacity of the solar system. You do not need to buy another system, you only add more accessories to the system. According to our case study, the beebeejump H1 2.5KW capacity can be upgraded to H2 which is of higher capacity and you can upgrade even to the last level which is H5, which will conveniently power your corporate business appliances. And all these can be done just by adding more accessories like the batteries. solar panels and or replacing the inverter with a more powerful one.

A solar system is upgradable and can be customized to fit the desired need of the users. In Beebeejump int’l limited we offer upgrading for our business model systems (H-series product). Our after-sales is efficient and we can upgrade at any time at an affordable rate. Switching and upgrading solar system is easier than before, a click will do the trick.