Light up your homes and businesses with a solar system today with a #20,000 deduction

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Beebeejump solar offers you 24-7 electricity and puts you in charge of your own electricity bill.

The system comprises a battery made with lithium-ion that can be charged with both Sunlight and Electricity (NEPA or generator). It is a 338-watt battery capacity with an AC inverter of 150watts that can power your TV, decoder, clippers, laptops, standing fans, bulbs, etc. It can be used for homes and businesses like a barbing salon, charging business, poultry, etc

You can choose from any of the payment plans below that works with your budget.

- Full payment of #250, 000 - enjoy #20000 discount from now till 30th of June, 2021.

- 1-year plan - #80000 initial deposit, and a monthly repayment of #16500 for 1 year.

- 2 years plan - #50000 initial deposit, and a monthly repayment of #11,300.

- 3 years plan- #35000 initial deposit, and a monthly repayment of #9,300.

Our products can last for 8 to 10 years with 3 years warranty.

With Beebeejump Solar you will enjoy an uninterrupted power supply

We have offices in all 36 States of the federation and Abuja. We also offer payment on Delivery...

Call or WhatsApp   08130902941, 07033515260 to place your order

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