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How to switch on and off the Beebeejump S1 solar system

2021-06-08 22:22:04 Timothy 3618

The beebeejump S1 solar power system is specially designed and crafted for home use. It is what the technical practitioners call Solar home systems. With a capacity of 338W and an inverter of 150W, it will give you the necessary power you need for your basic home appliances like a TV, Standing fans, Decoder, clipper, CCTV, camera, and lots more. NOw if you are a user or a prospective user of our S1 product this is for you. In this article, you will get the knowledge of how to power down and switch on your s1 solar power system.

Follow these steps to turn on and off your solar power system

To turn off,

  • Press * on the buttons beside the digital display on the battery

    how to use a solar power system

  • Long press 5. Three options will be displayed.

    how to use a solar power system

  • how to use a solar power system

  • Choose * again to shutdown

To turn on,

  • Tap any button on the screen and the system will come up.


how to use a solar power system

Please watch this to get the full information it does not require any technical know-how.